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If you purchase a "RUSH MY ORDER PLEASE" this means we will place it in the "Pull Now Que" and place your order ahead of all other orders.  This ensures that your order is pulled and processed as soon as possible and prioritizes it above the other pending orders. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Rush Order Fees DO NOT guarantee same day shipments.  Items on your order may slow the order processing down due to custom cut items or items that are low in stock and need to made to fulfill your order.  Rush Order Fees do not speed up these processes.

Rush Orders do not include upgraded shipping above what you select at checkout.  The Rush Order Fee is only to speed up the picking and prioritizing your order above the pending orders.

Why is it so expensive?  Those of you who have been with Vince and I  for many years know that we place a rush on all of our orders.  We already do everything we can to get our orders out as quickly as possible.  Honestly, we prefer not offering this fee as everyone's order is that important to us, but if your order is indeed a rush order then this is our fee.