Pewter Rings Stamping Blanks

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Pewter Stamping Rings handcrafted by Bopper!!

These stamping blanks are our brand new, hand casted pewter rings. These rings have a charming, rustic look and are absolutely beautiful. Our rings are a complete closed ring and now come in three different widths and ten different sizes:

  • 1/4" - #4 and 5
  • 1/8" wide x .07" thick - #4 - #11) 

If you need to mix and match sizes you are welcome to...just leave a note for us!

These rings are made with Lead, Nickel and Cadmium free pewter!


*Please note:

~we are not able to do 1/2 sizes

~we are able to make a size #4 ring; however, the technique requires us to

shrink the ring and will curve the outer edges in slightly