Hole Punching Service

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This listing is for a hole punching service of one package.  We have two sizes available now: 3/32" and 5/32".  If you are needing two holes per blank please be sure to choose the option for two holes.

Please note that I currently only have the ability to accurately hole punch rounds, squares and hexagons on the angle.  However, if you want to have me hole punch other blanks and run the risk of having the holes be not perfectly centered then feel free to purchase this listing.  I will do my best to punch the hole for you where you want it. 

Please leave a note where you want the holes punched.


**Hole punching services are considered a customization.  As a result,  refunds and returns will not be honored on blanks that have been hole punched.  All sales are final on hole punched blanks.

**We are not able to punch discs that are 3/8" or tags smaller than 1/4" x 3/4"

**Anything thinner than 18 gauge will be malformed as it is so thin it gets pulled into the tooling.