November 2018

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November News

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


As many of you have know Vince has been adding new metals to our available pewter ornaments.  We now have all of our ornaments in aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, nickel silver, nu-gold and pewter.   Here is a sample using our Christmas Stockings.  We also have Christmas Bulbs, , Christmas Trees, Doves, Gingerbread Man, Hearts, Mittens, North Star, Snowflakes, Snowman, and Santa Hats.


We also have some upcoming ornaments with more on the way!  We will be making in these every metal as well. Currently, we have an angel, bell, and Santa available only in aluminum.


New Tapered Cuff Blanks:

Vince and I are adding a new line of cuffs.  Have you seen our new tapered cuffs? We have them currently available in three sizes, but we will be adding more lengths as widths upon request.  Currently we are running with limited production of these, but look forward to adding more at a later time. We do have them available in all sizes in most metals.


                                  *¼” x 6”    *⅜” x 6”    *½” x 6”  

New Arrow Cuff Blanks:

Additionally, Vince are adding our new arrow cuff!  This looks amazing when formed into a cuff bracelet!  The arrow cuff is currently available in ¼” x 6” aluminum, but again we will be adding more lengths, widths and metals.       


Casted Pewter Blanks

Last month we added our line of pewter casted blanks, and many of you have really enjoyed the more organic look of these blanks!  We are able to add more sizes to the existing listings, so if you don’t see the size you want please feel free to contact me. You can find the links to the casted pewter discs and tags below:                                    

If you’d like to see us make new shapes please email us at or text us at (530) 945-3728.

Sterling Silver Cuff Remnant Sale:

We have a number of cuff remnants available, and we are busy resizing more so we can continue offering them to you.  We have cuff remnants available in 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 and 24 gauge! :)

Clearance and Closeout Items:

Remember to check out our clearance, discontinued, and overstock items.   The button below will take you to the listing where you can view the available products: .

Holiday Schedule:

We are looking forward to a little time off with our friends and family for the upcoming holidays.  Here are our tentative dates that we will be taking time off so please plan ahead.

November 17th-25th - will be processing orders on a limited basis

December 22nd - January 1st - will be taking time off

Reviews and Feedback:

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us feedback!  The more feedback we have from our customers the more confident our new customers feel with their purchases, so please keep the reviews coming in!  

Above All...Thank you!!!

Thank you so much for helping to make our shop successful!  We appreciate you taking the time to sign up for our newsletter, and we appreciate your comments and suggestions.  Please feel free to leave feedback or contact us regarding your interest new metals or items by emailing us at or texting us at (530) 945-3728.   


Vince and Beverly


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