Ergo-Angle, 1lb. Metal Stamping Brass Hammer, IA Tool

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This Ergo-Angle Metal Stamping brass hammer is an essential hand stamping tool offered by ImpressArt. It weighs in at 1 lb. and has an ergonomic handle that allows a strong yet easy strike.

The brass is a soft enough metal that it protects your hands by absorbing the blow, while preventing double strikes and ensures more accuracy. This hammer also protects your stamps!

*Ergo-Angle”¸Ω”¸Ω”¸Ω handle provides ideal positioning for clean, even impressions
*One pound head provides optimal weight for deep impressions
*Short handle design features multiple holding options for maximum control and comfort
*Brass head provides a soft striking surface eliminating double impressions
*Brass head is replaceable
*Patent Pending

*This item requires priority shipping due to its weight